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Truth is eroding at breakneck speeds these days with “my truth” seemingly taking priority over actual truth. If you’ve ever read the Bible, you’ve seen the Truth … and you know it matters. But in our world of tolerance and inclusion, the Truth is being written off quickly and forcibly. Is it possible to respond in both Truth AND Love?


Our society is left wrestling with the exact same question Pilate asked of Christ: What is truth? On top of that, our culture has added the follow-up question: Does truth even matter?


In the midst of this escalating cultural battle of worldviews comes NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH—a timely, full-length documentary sharing deep insights from some of today’s best-known Christian thinkers.


Utilizing data from an in-depth 2020 study by George Barna and the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, we clearly discover what Adrian Rogers meant when he said, “we are only one generation away from paganism.”


In addition to Pastor Rogers, you will hear from leaders including Lee Strobel, Tony Evans, Dr. Al Mohler, Ed Newton, Len Munsil, Dr. Johnny Hunt, Dr. Robert Jeffress, Mike Huckabee, Jennifer Rothschild, Trillia Newbell, Ken Whitten, Jonathan Falwell, Dave Ramsey, and many others.


In our upside-down world, be emboldened. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH stands as a pillar of reason when we need the Truth—in love—more than ever.

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